Male voices

Colin Mitchell

Fantastic versatile modern voice: smooth delivery great for commercials and documentary. Professional home studio.

Marc Silk

Brilliant animation voice- hundreds of characters! Superb for commercials with straight and characters combined and strong modern straight reads. Full of energy and humour and so versatile can do what ever you need. Professional home studio.

Everal Walsh

Actor. Incredible rich voice and versatile talent- native Yorkshire but also a range from natural carribean to RP. Excellent choice for commercials and narration as well as character voices.

Jonathan Keeble

Award Winning Actor. Warm yet authoritative. Impeccable RP plus wide range of dialects and superb character/animation voices.

Tom Clarke-Hill

USA. Actor/Musician. Masses of different US accents and characters and great singer. Big bad and sexy or gentle light and smiley

Very experienced voice great for commercials and corporate. Own ISDN and mp3/wav facility.

Mark Radcliffe

Award winning radio presenter and narrator. Nationally known modern natural voice. Upbeat and humorous or serious and informative, great for commercials and documentaries.

Harry Leek

Actor. Brilliant versatile young talent with extensive experience in all types of voicing- commercial, corporate and narration. Own ISDN and recording facilities.

Matt Baker

TV Presenter, “The One Show”, “Countryfile” and many more. Experienced and versatile northern voice, great for commercials and narrative reads.

John de Holland

Actor. Flawless RP with a rich, authorative, warm and articulate delivery from straight intelligent reads to an extraordinary range of character voices making him the perfect choice for commercials, narration and animation work.

Kieran Cunningham

Irish- full range of Northern and Southern Irish, soft and lilting or upbeat and humorous. Georgeous to the ears!

Paul Brown

Strong, rich brown voice. Very experienced versatile range of characters and dialects. Good hard corporate reader. Sincere and authoritative. Own ISDN and mp3 facility.



John Harrison

Great versatile voice. Natural modern voice for commercials, corporates and narratives all kinds of reads- Northern and Southern. Own recording facility.

Pete Reeves

Radio broadcaster.

Good relaxed lighter tones for gentle corporates and informative reads. Friendly informative style.

John Craven

TV Presenter/Broadcaster. Instantly recognisable, informative sincere and distinctive- strong corporate voice.

Robin Galloway

Scottish. Wonderfully versatile gentle Scottish tones. Varying regional accents. Good comic reads and reassuring corporate. Own ISDN.

Martin Henfield

TV Presenter/Broadcaster. Northern, reassuring authoritative tones. Great corporate voice and experienced corporate technical reader.

Andrew Brittain

Actor/TV Presenter. Superb intelligent corporate reads, warm and gentle or tough and authoritative. Versatile actor also for dialects and characters for commercials. Own ISDN and mp3/wav facility.

James Gillies

Actor. Over 20 years as a BBC announcer, newsreader and narrator makes James an instantly recognisable voice. Very experienced James has voiced everything from corporates to audiobooks, TV commercials to the Shipping Forecast. His versatility means he can provide both character and straight reads in English and also his native Scottish.
Own ISDN and recording facility.

Joe Mills

Actor. Bright young modern voice. Great versatile talent for characters, dialects and impressions. Animations, commercials. Joe is also the narrator of over 20 Audible titles.

Martin Oldfield

Actor. Superb dialects, Yorkshire and Northern a speciality. Excellent corporate authoritative tones, warm lilting delivery for commercials or hard sell. Mp3/wav facility.

Martin Travers

Actor. Smooth northern tones ideal for commercials and an experienced narration voice. Own ISDN.

Phil Walker

Actor/Comedian. Bright modern natural voice with a natural gift for mimicry and characters. Commercials and animation

Steve Sinacola

Natural, down to earth, warm style. “Unvoiceovery” and ‘real’ sounding. Great for scripts that need a bit of “acting”. As a native Mancunian, can give you just a hint of the north to full-on Shameless scally .. or lose the accent altogether
Own ISDN and mp3 facility

Hugo Chandor

An award winning actor with a warm, friendly and natural voice. Huge range of dialects and great sense of humour. Has voiced numerous characters for cartoons to include Jim Henson’s “Dinosaur Train” and “Gombby”, plays for the BBC and audio reels for museums and corporate use.

Stephen Hoyle

Actor. Experienced versatile northern voice playing teens, 20’s and 30’s! Excellent for commercials and narratives, straight and character.