Female voices

Jayne Dowell


Lovely warm sexy laid backstyle. Smooth as silk. Great for commercials & corporates. Professional home studio.

Janet James


Great young 20s/ 30s voice for commercials & commentaries. Very experienced animation voice. Amazing childrens voices – boys & girls. Own ISDN and mp3/wav facility.

Gloria Hunniford

TV Presenter/Broadcaster:

Instantly known, strong friendly voice. Ideal choice for commercials / corporates

Marjorie Lofthouse

TV presenter.

Lovely rich warm sultry tones. Great for authoritative and technical corporates. Commercials – wonderful slow atmospheric reads for TV / radio.

Diana Mather

TV presenter, actress.

lovely bright , enthusiastic sparkly voice. Good range of characters and dialects for commercials. Warm confident corporate reads.

Brigit Forsyth


Mid/ older age range straight & character voice. Friendly warm chatty style. Mums & grannies. Authentic scottish if required.

Adrienne Posta


Very experienced talented voice, excellent versatile delivery and range for characters, corporates and commercials.

Lorelei King

USA Actress.

‘Notting Hill’, ‘Cold Feet’. Marvellous warm rich sexy voice. Very experienced animation voice. Radio dramas, comercials, corporates. All age ranges from children to grannies.

Grace O’Leary

Actress. Irish. Bright young new talent 20’s and 30’s range. Great for commercials and narratives.

Ndidi Spencer

Actress. Superb range, Caribbean and African a speciality. Great new talent for commercials, corporates and commentaries.

Rita Sharma

British Indian Actress. Rita does English RP to regional accents and then to voice Hindi, Punjabi and Indian accented English. Her versatility has led to extensive voiceover work from TV and Radio commercials to e-learning and audiobooks. Rita was chosen to voice the Hindi versions of films by Aardman and the UN.

Fiona Clarke

Actress & Award winning voice artist. Versatile talent with diverse range ideal for commercials but also great natural voice for commentaries and corporates.
Fiona is also a fantastically versatile Irish voice, both Northern and Southern.

Leslie Churchill Ward

USA Actress.

Versatile bubbly with wide age range and different US accents. Great characters for commercials & animation. Strong clear corporate voice.

Jessica Sandry

Welsh Actress. Talented and experienced actress- from bright and upbeat to silky and smooth, fantastic for commercials and corporates. Originally from Swansea, but offers all Welsh dialects. Own recording facility.

Joanne Andrews

Scottish. Broadcaster and Radio Presenter

Experienced and versatile talent- great commercial voice. Strong corporate and narrative reads. Own ISDN and mp3/wav facility.

Lucy Browne

Irish Actress. Experienced and versatile artist; young and bright or smooth and silky- perfect natural voice for commercials, corporates and commentaries.

Samantha Bentall

Voice over/Broadcaster

Versatile talent for straight or character reads. Authentic Liverpool, Manchester and Welsh accents. Great for generic northern and “down to earth” voices.

Zara Turner

Northern Irish Actress. Experienced versatile talent with wide range from upbeat and friendly to smooth and seductive. Commercials, corporates and documentaries.

Maggie Mash

TV announcer.

Warm friendly lighter voice – wide age range. Excellent actress for commercials and friendly voice for commentaries.

Fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and Greek

Elaine Hill

Scottish. TV Presenter.

Strong modern voice, with bags of cheeky charm. Versatile delivery great for corporates and commercials

Sophie Allistone

Presenter / Actress.

Bright 20/30’s age range. Intelligent informative reads. Strong clear corporate and commercial reads.